New Construction & Re-Roofing

With all the different types of roof systems available on the market today, it is important to research and decide on the one that is the best value for the owner. Newly constructed buildings have roof systems that range from the least expensive (EPDM ballasted) to one of the most expensive (Built-Up). Deciding on a budget will help greatly when choosing a type of roof to install.

If your roof is in need of replacement, we meet with you on site to give you an assessment without charge. The simplest, most cost effective way is to overlay the existing system. This involves having the roof structurally analyzed to find out if it will work. This can save time and money for the owner.


Yearly maintenance of your roof can extend the life greatly. Roofs generally last 15-20 years, but with proper maintenance the roof life can be extended even longer. Having a yearly inspection can prevent costly repairs and decrease potential problems in the future.